The Kingdom: Launch Kit

The Kingdom is a 16 lesson curriculum designed to teach boys about their citizenship in heaven and what being a member of His kingdom means for their time here. Agents will spend their time playing games and hearing devotionals that are all geared to teach them that what the kingdom of God is like, and how it’s citizens (that’s them) should act while living out their lives in this world. It presses in on the importance of prayer, the necessity of fellowship and more. The Kingdom‘s  Launch Kit has everything you need to properly plan and host a full year of programming for your church and community including a Printable Leader Guide, 1 The Kingdom shirt, a CIA merch catalogue,  2 tickets to CIA’s annual Living Dead Weekend event, 3 “Take 7” tool cards and a USB Toolbox that includes:

-Leader Guide

-Games Library PDF

-Flyer for advertsing to your community

-CIA games training video series

-CIA leadership training video series

-the CIA and The Kingdom logos for use in advertising.



**Please note that if your church or organization is not a member of CIA Boys Club already, you must enroll first before purchasing this product. Contact us at or call 772-877-0194 if you have any questions about that process, or simply use the link at the top of our home page to get started.


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