Take 7 Cards

The Take 7 card is an outstanding tool for helping your agents, or yourself, you grow deeper in your connection to God and to the larger community you’re a part of, through prayer.


The idea is this: write the names of 7 people or situations you would like to pray for, 1 on each line of the card. then, each day, take 1 minute and pray for one thing on the card. at the end of 7 days, you’ve spent 7 minutes dedicating yourself to practice of prayer, you’ve grown in your relationship to Jesus, worked out your prayer muscles (you are probably ripped now) and given someone the best compliment you possibly can, to go to the Father of creation on their behalf.


Give these out at your meetings after explaining that to your agents, give them out at home to your children, use them yourself. Either way, just use them.


*Price includes 10 cards. For orders larger than 50, please email hello@ciaboysclub.org for bulk discount options.


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