The Living Dead Weekend (LDW) national event takes place in florida every year and is an experience that every boy in your ministry and community should have at least once, if not every year. But if the Sunshine State isn’t your thing for whatever reason, we understand. And that’s why we created the LDW DIY Kit so that you can host a Living Dead Weekend of your own. The LDW DIY Kit has everything you need to properly plan and host an event for your community, including a Leader Guide, LDW sticker, a CIA merch catalogue, 1 set of supplies and sermon illustrations and a USB Toolbox that includes:

-Games Library PDF

-2 customizable videos for promotional use and instructions on how to customize them specifically to you.

-An LDW Exclusive playlist on Spotify

-A supplies list complete with links to each item.

-the LDW logo for use in advertising.



Please note that if your church or organization is a member of CIA Boys Club already, there is a discount code available that will give you a member’s only pricing option. Contact us at hello@ciaboysclub.org or call 772-877-0194 to get that code before placing your order.


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