Epic Match Game

One of our most fun games to play, the Epic Match Game is 24 sets of matching game pieces, each a single sheet of 8.5×11 paper. You must print 2 of each image in the set.


Leaders will spread them all out face down in the center of the room, shuffled so that you and the agents playing don’t know where the matches are. That is your game board. Then split the agents of your meeting up into a few gruops on opposite sides of the “board”.


From here you have two choices, option 1: let each group search for matches in a rotation. Option 2: each round involves either a trivia question (you make them up based on the knowledge your groups have of the bible, or of the lesson you taught at the meeting) or a skill (push ups, knock knock jokes, burping, dancing, etc.) that each team sends you a representative to complete. whoever you think did best (We suggest you have a panel of judges, like some of your volunteers, or a couple of your special agents) gets to find the match. then the next round is the same as the last. if a match is found, the finding team keeps the two cards and wins a point. team with the most points when the game is over wins.


The game ends when all the matches are found or when an alotted amount of time elapses.


Download the zip file and open it to reveal the 24 images, then make sure to print 2 of each file.


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